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Hi Year One!


As we continue to be learning from home I have been really pleased and impressed with the number of you who are learning using our website. Please don't forget to send me all of your lovely work. I love seeing your achievements and being able to send you a big well done! If you do not complete all of the work each week don't worry just do what you can.

I can’t wait for us all to go back to school and hear all about the different things you have been doing. I know that life at the moment and not going to school seems really strange so it is important that we all keep busy and celebrate all the lovely things that we have done.


Little Mrs Timmins and I miss you very much and can’t wait to see you again. 


I have put some activities to complete underneath here and then maths,  phonics  and English activities in their areas. There is also a new handwriting page to help you write your letters properly and correctly.


Please remember to share a book with your family as often as you can. Maybe you could read to them, or they could read to you or you could share the reading together! I have recorded some stories for you to enjoy. 


Take care and stay safe,


Mrs Timmins 


This weeks learning: 6th July 2020

Check out our new children's work!

This weeks story is One Child One Seed. This book is a counting story which is set in Africa and shows how the children in a small village grow their pumpkins. Please see the English page for questions related to the story. 

Phonics and spellings can be found on the Phonics page.

Science: Design a poster showing how to grow healthy plants. Use all the learning about plants from this half term - What do plants need? Are you growing trees, plants or wild flowers? What order do you need to plant and care for your seeds?


Geography: The last country for us to learn about in the United Kingdom is Northern Ireland. Look at our information about  Northern Ireland and complete the last information sheet about this country.

Art: This week we are focusing on colour. Choose a colour and then create a picture by only using that colour. I have put some examples on of 'A study in blue' to give you some examples.

PSED: This week we are thinking about how to be a good friend to others. Read the story of The Deer and the Crow. Now think about adjectives (words you could use to describe) the crow and the deer and write them around their pictures.  

Week Beginning: 29th June 2020

This week we are reading Handa's Surprise. You can find the questions linked to the story on the Year One English page.

Don't forget to practise your handwriting and phonics too!

Geography: We are continuing finding out about countries in the United Kingdom. This week we are focusing on Scotland. Look at the information about Scotland before completing the country information sheet.

Science: This week I would like you to watch and listen to the story Tilda's Seed.  Talk to a grown up about what you have learnt about plants and growing. Then complete the sequencing sheet which shows how plants grow in the correct conditions.

Art: Think about the story Jack and the Beanstalk. Jack planted beans which made a magic beanstalk grow. If you could have some magic beans or seeds what would you like to grow on your plant? Would is be sweets? Or money so you could buy whatever you liked? Maybe it would be dreams or wishes that could come true? Perhaps you would like a plant covered in rainbows or cars or crayons to help you colour.

Can you design your own seed packet for your magic beans? Remember to say what kind of plant your beans or seeds to grow into an how to care for it. This sheet will give you some ideas of different packet designs. 

PSED: This half term we have been looking at friendships. This weeks story The Wind and The Moon will help you to think about what to do when you fall out with your friends.

There are times when even the best of friends will not agree about something and it is important to know what to do and how to make things better again. When you have read the story The Wind and The Moon complete the choice wheel to record your ideas.

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