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Hello Year Two!













Week commencing 6/07/20

Hello Year 2!


Hello Children, 

                           We hope that you are all well and keeping busy. Have any of you been able to go to the park yet? Your teachers are all very busy in school working with the children who are allowed to go back as well as starting to visit the shops and parks which have now opened up. It's good to see things returning to normal.

        We are all hoping the sunshine will return soon so that everyone is able to enjoy the summer, it would also help us with our Science and Art lessons this week when we are thinking about shadows, how they are made and creating shadow art.


                           All of your English and Maths work for the rest of the term is now on the website. Remember to try your best and don't give up if things are tricky. We wish that we were able to be teaching you all of these lessons but for now you need to listen to the adult who is with you and remember they are trying their best too and lots of these things will be new to them too.


It's important that you try and complete 1-2 hours of school work each day. If you are struggling to find paper or pencils to use please let your teacher know when she calls and we will try and help where we can.

 Please continue to read as much as possible and have an adult hear you read at least once per day. You can still continue to access Myon for your online reading books. A polite reminder, we can see your book review comments. 

Try to keep busy and most of all stay safe! We are missing you all lots and hope to be back with you really soon.

Your Year 2 teachers 

Dear Parents and Carers,

  We would like to thank you for your continued support whilst school is closed. It's been good to have a chat when we have called and we hope you find it useful. If you need anything to help you with your child's learning please let us know when we call and we will do our best to help where we can.

The links below will take you to this term's learning in Maths and English, further down this page are our other subjects.

If you are happy for your child to have their work and first name published on the website, please let us know. Please specify if you're happy for your child's image to be used. 

Year Two Maths

Year Two English

Foundation Subjects

(Please click on the separate Maths and English links above for the core subject work).  


 This week in our work about light we are going to learn about shadows and how they are made by doing some investigating. You will need paper and a pencil and some objects from around your home.  Please click here to find your lesson.



This week we are going to use what we have been learning in Science to make shadow art.  Please click here to find out more.







We all like it when people are kind towards us. This week we are going to think about how we can show kindness to our families during Lockdown. Find your lesson here.


Music should be fun. Click here for the next fun musical activity about Jack and the Beanstalk.


This week we are going to learn about a woman called Fu Hao who had a very interesting life during the Shang Dynasty. Find your lesson here.



Let's get moving with Joe

         Enjoy this week's learning! Don't forget to share what you have done with us, we love to see.


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