Welcome to Year 6 with Mrs Brettle and Mrs Crew

A little message to you 

This year may have ended before it was meant, 
You’ve worked really hard and that we can't forget 
Your work isn’t forgotten, you just took different steps. 

The classroom stands empty - displays still on the wall
But it doesn’t feel the same, not without you all. 

Fractions, percentages and times table drills
Inference, retrieval and endless reading skills
The grammar and spelling almost had us in tears
But they were certainly mastered by you over the years. 

As well as your work, we've got to know you too,

The good and the bad we've seen it all through.
Laughing and joking, science and art 
Your friends and lunchtime are what’s most of your heart. 
We know your true talents and we hold them all dear
Because you have been our family- all of this year. 

There are so many things for which you’ve tried your best
But so many more that can’t be defined by a test
Stand tall and remember the people you’ve wowed!
While we sit here at home, quiet and proud. 

Year 6, you’ve amazed us in coming so far
So just remember we know just how amazing you are!


Hello Class 6B :) I am missing you all and I know Mrs Crew is missing you all too, we both hope you are keeping yourselves safe and busy! 

It has been lovely to speak to most of you on the phone and hear all the things that you have been up to. I have been busy checking all the work that has been set for you and have to say that I am extremely proud of the amount of work that you are doing and how creative you have been with it! 

I know lots of you have been accessing MYON and have been busy completing this work or emailing things over. This webpage is going to be used alongside MYON to help you with your home learning. Each week, I shall be setting different activities based on what we would be doing in class if we were at school. I understand it is difficult and it is a very strange time for us all so there is no set time that this work needs to be completed; you can do it at your leisure during the day. It has been recommended that you should be doing 2-3 hours of learning a day so you can use this as your guide. 

For y'all your lessons, please visit the Year 6 tabs. 


I really hope to see you all soon 


Mrs Brettle :) x 

Some of our fabulous Home Learning so far:











































By Abi 

By Paige 

By Billie

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