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Welcome to SLB 2's Home Learning Page!

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all keeping yourselves safe and well. 

This is SLB 2's home learning page. On here, you will find weekly posts of different home learning activities you can try at home. The activities cover a range of subjects covered in the Base with their being separate pages for English and Maths activities. 


From what I have seen and heard, you are all doing such a fantastic job with home learning already so use these activities as extra ideas to support what you already doing. There is no pressure to do everything that is set each week. The most important thing is that you are keeping yourselves safe and well. 


Each week, I will choose a theme (if you have any ideas/ areas you want to look at, email me and I will give you some extra ideas). The theme will be used across all English and Thematic subjects. There will be a separate area for Maths activities. It would be lovely if you could email me some of the activities you do or anything else you have been up to for that matter. It has been so lovely hearing from many of you already - keep those emails coming!

Don't forget the Oak National Academy has some fantastic video tutorials you could use ( I will try and tie some of these in with the activities suggested. There is also the KS2 YouTube Channel where you can see me read a picture book story each week. If you have any story requests, email me and I will see what I can do. 

I am really missing you all and hope to see you very soon!

Take care, 

Mrs Humphreys xx

W/B 20.4.2020

Dinosaurs - Thematic and English Learning

W/B 27.4.2020

Under the Sea - Thematic Learning

An example of how you could structure the week of home learning

Motor Skill Development - PlayDoh Mats

Speech & Language - Rhyming Pairs

Speech & Language - Same and Different

Topic - The Titanic

Water Pollution PowerPoint

W/B 4.5.2020

This week is all about Space. I hope you enjoy the activities! Please keep sending me pictures of what you have been doing - it's lovely to hear from you! 

Space - Thematic Learning

Science - Light and Dark Challenge Cards

Science - Light and Dark Quiz

Science - Planet Facts Template

History - Neil Armstrong Comprehension Activity

History - Neil Armstrong PowerPoint

History - Neil Armstrong Timeline

Speech & Language - Odd one Out

Speech & Language - Space Themed Game - Information Carrying Words

Motor Skill Development - Space Tracing

As this Friday (8th May) is VE Day, I have also uploaded some activity ideas you could do around that. It would be lovely to see your VE Day celebrations. 

VE Day Activity Ideas

More VE Day Activity Ideas

Eggless Sponge Recipe

Trench Stew Recipe

Union Jack Bunting

Union Jack Flag

VE Day PowerPoint

VE Day Spitfire Paper Glider

VE Day Colouring Sheet

W/B 11.5.2020

Our theme for the week is superheroes! 

Superheroes - Thematic Learning

Speech and Language - Narrative Game

History - Old or New Medical Equipment

Art - Andy Warhol PowerPoint

W/B 18.5.2020

This week we will be travelling around the world. I hope you enjoy learning about different countries and cultures. 

Around the World - Thematic Learning

Art Ideas - Around the World

Geography - Capital Cities Loop Game

Geography - Capital Cities PowerPoint

Geography - Continents of the World

Geography - Flags to Country - Flags

Geography - Flags to Country - Map of the World

Geography - Matching Flags to a Map of the World

Geography - Oceans and Continents

Geography - Oceans of the World PowerPoint

Geography - Passport around the World

Geography & Art - Flags around the World

P.E - Playdoh Mats

Science - Famous Landmarks

Speech and Language - Flags Flashcards (colour)

W/B 1.06.2020

I hope you all had a lovely half term. The weather has been beautiful, hasn't it? This has inspired me to create a set of home learning for you that involves lots of going outdoors. The theme this week is Plants and Flowers. 

Plants and Flowers - Thematic Learning

Art - Andy Goldsworthy PowerPoint

Science - Parts of a Plant

Speech and Language - Concepts

Speech and Language - Vocabulary and Alphabetical Order

W/B 8.06.2020

This week will be all about health and well-being as it's just as important to loo after YOU as it is with getting all this home learning done. 

Health & Well-being - Thematic Learning

PSHE - Emotions Board Game 

PSHE - Playdoh Mats

Science - Healthy and Unhealthy Sorting Boards

Science - Healthy and Unhealthy Sorting Cards

Speech and Language - Emotions Inference

W/B 15.06.2020

We have had a home learning request this week from one of the children in our class - Animals (all creatures great and small) - what a fantastic suggestion! If anyone else has any ideas, please email me to let me know. 

All Creatures Great and Small - Thematic Learning

Geography - Animals all Around the World

Geography - Habitats

Science - Animal Habitats PowerPoint

Science - Minibeast habitats

Speech & Language - Animal Sorting Cards

W/B 22.06.2020

This week is all about bubbles! How have you found living inside a bubble? 

Bubbles - Thematic Learning

Speech and Language - Friendship Scenario Cards

Speech and Language - Good Friend, Bad Friend Sorting Cards

W/B 29.06.2020

Find out more about transport with your home learning for this week. 

Transport - Thematic Learning

Art - Early Travel Viking Longboat

Art - Viking Longboat Template

Art - Viking Longboat craft activity

Geography - Transport Around the World

History - How has transport changed? 

History - Travel and Transport Timeline

Speech and Language - Inference - What am I? 

Speech and Language - Old and New Sorting Cards

Speech and Language - Vocabulary Development - Labelling

W/B 6.07.2020

Explore inventors and their inventions for your home learning this week. 

Inventions and Inventors - Thematic Learning

History - Alexander Graham Bell

History - Inventors Factfile Template

History - The Wright Brothers

History - Thomas Edison

History - Who Invented What? - Research

Speech and Language - Alliteration

Speech and Language - Odd One Out - Rhyming

Speech and Language - Syllable Sort

W/B 13.07.2020

It's our final week of home learning and what an amazing job you have done! Our last set of home learning is all about the weather. this seems very appropriate given how changeable it has been. Hopefully, the sunshine will come out for us as we make our way into the summer holidays. Have a very well deserved summer and keep in touch! 

Weather - Thematic Learning

Geography - Animals Around the World Map

Geography - Animals Around the World

Geography - Climates Around the World

Geography - Hot and Cold Climates

Speech and Language - Clothes Sorting Activity

Speech and Language - Sequencing Months

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