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Welcome to our Home Learning Hub!


Dear Year 1 Parents and Carers,

It has been a real pleasure to speak to you all over the last few weeks. It sounds as though you are keeping very positive and doing an amazing job on the home-learning front, despite the difficult circumstances. Thank you so much to everyone who has emailed us their child's work. It is a wonderful way to keep in touch so please do keep sending everything you can our way. 

Every week, we will post new challenges for you to do at home. Below will include tasks in subjects like Science, PE, Computing and Music, whilst our English and maths pages will have links to daily lessons which can be followed online.

As always, please don't hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or need any support with home learning. 


Have a lovely week.


Miss Dawes, Mrs Whitehead and Mrs Parker


Dear parents and carers,

For our last week of term, we thought it would be important for your little ones to reflect back on their time in Year 1, as well as carry out some activities to help prepare them for September. With that in mind, all our tasks for this week are based around a story called the Cautious Caterpillar which can be viewed on Youtube and based around the theme of transition. We hope you enjoy the activities and we look forward to seeing your child's fabulous work.

Discussion based on our story

Once you have listened to the story, click on this link to dig deeper into it and discuss some parts of it with your child. As you explore the story in more depth, these are extra questions you could your little one: Think about what your feelings are. Do you feel the same as Cody? Do you understand why Cody feels this way? How does this story relate to school and to you moving onto a new classroom?


Designing the ideal safe school

By the time we are back together in September, many children will have been out of school for close to 6 months. In order to overcome any possible anxiety, we would therefore recommend for your child to design his/her ideal safe school. Click here to download the activity sheet which will take you through each step. If you do not have access to a printer, you can simply use a blank piece of paper.  Top Tips: There is no right or wrong way of designing the school. It doesn’t matter if your child comes up with things which are not realistic. The main point of the activity is for you both to talk about things as much as possible and use the task to help your child think positively about starting back into school.

Favourite memories from this year

As we will not be able to discuss these face-to-face, it would be lovely for your children to think about these questions, to reflect back onto their time Year 1:

- Who were your favourite friends and why?

- What was your favourite memory from the classroom?

- What was your favourite activity?

- What memories will you treasure?

You could record answer to these questions on a video and email it back to us. You could ask your child to write/draw it on a piece of paper. You could even put answers to those questions on a pebble and place the pebble into a jar to keep. The possibilities are endless!

Graduation cap

You can have your very own Year 1 Graduation celebration at home and create your very special Graduation cap. Click here for instructions. We can’t wait to see your photos!

Messages for your new teacher

Here is a booklet for your child to record key information they would like their new teacher to know about them. Again, if you do not have access to a printer, your child can create their own poster/PowerPoint or video message. If you email it to us, we will pass it onto their new Year 2 class teacher.

Have fun! 



As the sun is not visiting us as often and the rain has started to make more of an appearance, we discussed at school the best thing that comes from the sun and rain mixing and decided to base this week’s activities on rainbows and colours.  We hope the tasks manage to brighten up your days! Here is the link for this week's list of activities.


As the weather has been so hot and sunny it made Mrs Whitehead dream of fun days at the seaside so this week our topic is all related to being by the seaside.  Miss Dawes has done a fabulous job thinking of lots of ideas for you to do and Mrs Parker has recorded The Snail and the Whale  for you. We hope you enjoy it and look forward to seeing all your work.


Last week, the children in the Year 1 Bubble chose the topic of 'Pets' as our focus of learning as they thought their friends who are studying at home might enjoy it! To go with the topic, Mrs Parker has chosen to read 'Kit the Cat' which features one of her favourite pets: cats! It would be lovely yo hear from you to see if you agree. Maybe you have a suggestion for next week's learning you'd like to share with us. As always, please share your work through the Submit Your Work tab and we will get back to you. Have a lovely week and remember to stay safe in the sunshine. ​Speak to you next week.

Activities and resources:

List of activities for this week can be found here.

Monday's PowerPoint ' How to look after a pet'

Wednesday's reading comprehension and answers.

Wednesday's Science PowerPoint on Minibeasts and their habitats.

It has been so lovely to see some of our pupils back. We hope you enjoyed last week's topic of bubbles. We certainly did! This week, we are going to explore emotions through the wonderful story of "The Colour Monster". By clicking here, you will be able to see the activities we will do daily as well as download some of the resources we will be using in class. Feel free to adapt these to suit what you have available at home. We look forward to seeing all the fabulous work you have done at home and will be sharing any work/messages we receive with the children in the class. Mrs Parker will be calling you this week to see how you are all keeping so, if you see an unknown number, it's likely to be her. Here she is reading 'There is Monster in Your Book' by Tom Fletcher. Have a great week everyone!


As we welcome some of you back to school this week our topic is all about bubbles and well being.  We are going to try and keep the work we set on here as similar to what we will be teaching in the classroom.  Hopefully you'll be able to join in with many of the activities as are doing them too!  The following link (Bubbles) will show you all of the activities we will be completing this week. The usual websites will also be updated, as will the Maths and English links on this page.  Thank you for your support, take care.


Hi Everyone,

We hope you had an amazing half term. It was lovely to be sent lots of photos of the fun things you’ve been doing. Paddling pools seem to be very popular and you all looked like you were having an amazing time.

This week it is International Children’s Day and also Child Safety Week. So the tasks we have given this week reflect these. We hope you enjoy them.

We are also really looking forward to returning back to school next week. For those of you who are coming back, here is a useful Powerpoint to share with your child which will help settle him/her back into school.

DT (Cooking)

We’re sure many of you will have watched ‘My World Kitchen’ on CBeebies. We’d like you to visit this site to watch and hopefully make one of the recipes from another country,

Miss Dawes and Thea will be making the Israeli chocolate challah bread recipe.

Mrs Parker and James are going to try Pippa’s Zimbabwean Nyama

and Mrs Whitehead and George are planning on giving Mateo’s Chilean Sopaipillas with Pebre a try! We hope you do really well.


As part of Child Safety Week we’d like you to watch this video about keeping safe in the kitchen and design a poster that we can use at school each time any class gets the cooking equipment out to cook.



There are lots of different craft activities on this website. We really like the Carp Kite but would love to see you have a go at any of the activities.


It is important to know the risks that you face daily and how to keep safe and healthy around these. This website has some activities for you to do and then talk about with an adult to ensure you stay safe!


A slightly unusual half term week but we hope that you all have a great time and enjoy yourselves.  Your work for the week is to HAVE FUN!!!

We will still be available via email so feel free to contact us.  Take care and enjoy the lovely weather that is forecast.


This week it is National Smile Week and Mental Health Awareness Week.  We thought this would be a fantastic opportunity to think about all of the things that make us happy.  All of the activities this week are about making ourselves and others feel better.  They are also about how to look after our teeth to make sure we keep a healthy smile.



Many of your family and friends are really missing you while you are unable to see them.  We thought that it would be a great idea to make a card to send to someone you are missing. This is an easy way of making them smile.  Here are some ideas to inspire your project…



Watch these video clips:

Why do we brush our teeth:

How to brush your teeth:

Once you have done this, make a poster to explain why and how we brush our teeth.  Try to include 3 facts that you have learnt and some simple instructions to explain how to brush your teeth.


Here is a fantastic experiment you can carry out to find out the effects of not brushing your teeth


Colgate also have a range of fun activities for children of all ages to learn more about the importance of looking after their teeth



In Music we want to make a class playlist of all the songs that make us happy.  We would like to know what song always makes you happy when you hear it and why?  Ask the people you live with what theirs is too.  We’d love to add some of their ideas to it.

Mrs Parker loves, Bobby McFerrin's, 'Don't Worry, Be Happy', 'I gotta feeling,' by Black Eyed Peas always makes Miss Dawes sing and dance along and Mrs Whitehead is a big fan of, 'Hail, Rain or Sunshine' by the Script.



Many of you have been doing cosmic yoga as your daily exercise which is brilliant.  There are also ideas here about mindfulness and how to manage emotions.  Try some of these activities and let us know how they make you feel.

We have loved seeing all of the activities you have been doing.  Keep sending them in.  There were some brilliant bug houses that have been made. There must be some very happy bugs in your gardens!


Dear Parents/Carers,

We hope you had a lovely weekend filled with sunshine and VE Day celebrations. This week, our focus will be on Spring and butterflies. Here are some ideas of what could be done at home to continue your home-learning.


Have a lovely week and we look forward to seeing what you’ve been up to if you would like to share it with us. 


All our best,


The Year 1 Team


This week, Mrs Parker has set you the challenge to listen to "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" read in French and try to listen for some key French words. Have fun!


Clink on this link for a simple – origami-style- butterfly craft idea. You can use any type of paper or paint blank pieces with your favourite colours. We think they look gorgeous. Enjoy!


You could make a bug hotel in your garden using lots of recycled materials. Here is a link to the RSPB for more information on how to do so.

You can also click on this link to see other ideas which may be more suitable.



Maths - butterfly symmetry

Start by watching this clip to learn more about symmetry.


Afterwards, click here to create symmetrical butterflies. We’ve tried it with our little ones and it was really effective and simple.



This week’s topic is a great opportunity to learn all about the life cycle of butterflies. You can click on this link to listen to the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, which summarises very simply this amazing process. 


For a more educational clip, which introduces children the correct scientific terminology and goes into greater details, click here.

Here is also a jaw-dropping film, recorded for National Geographic, which follows the real life of a caterpillar and follows it (using fast-forward technology) until it turns into a butterfly.

Otherwise, for a bit of fun, here is song which summarises all of the main stages of this fantastic scientific process,

As the sun is shining there are lots of butterflies flying around. It would be great if, while out on your daily walks or in your gardens, you could look for the different butterflies and count how many of each you see.  You can use this handy guide to help you (Butterfly ID Guide)


We’re enjoying seeing your photographs so much and would love to see pictures of what you find.

Finally, you could use a paper plate of a circle made out of paper to represent each stage in a creative way.



Dear Parents/Carers,

Thank you so much once again for all your emails. We have loved seeing your children’s animal drawings, reading their super animal fact files and even watching their short stop-motion animations. A huge well done to you all for all your hard-work. This week’s challenge is mostly inspired by today’s Star Wars Day through the ‘May the Fourth Be With You!’ celebrations. So, as you have guessed, our focus will be on space. Here is a video of Mrs Parker reading ‘The Darkest Dark’ - a fantastic book written by none other than Astronaut Chris Hadfield and based on his own life-story. We hope you like it. Here are some suggested activities for you to do at home with your children this week.


You could make some fantastic shadow puppets. Before you get started with this activity, you will need to watch this video  'Shadows On Other Worlds’. Here is a link for you to download/copy resources from. 


Art and Maths

Make your own Yoda using lots of different shapes ( colour your own paper if you don’t have the correct colours). You can see which materials you will need by clicking on this link. Here is a short clip for those who do not know who Yoda is. 



Coding – Last term children developed their own code to make a dance party.  They had lots of fun and created some excellent dance routines.  Here is a link to a Star Wars based coding activity. 


Watch the 5th clip on this page (called 'Digital artist Richard Ramchurn shows Barney and friend how to create some digital art inspired by Holst’s ‘Mars’.)

Step 1: Click here to listen to ‘Mars’ by Holst and discuss what it makes you feel like:

Step 2: Get some paper and art resources and discuss the type of patterns you could create inspired by the music.

Step 3: Draw your patterns whilst listening to the music. Let the music paint pictures in your mind and let your imagination flow.

Step 4: Film it using a phone/tablet whilst the music is playing.

Step 5: Watch it back and email it to us!


The West Midlands Safari Park is holding a competition for the chance of winning 4 x unlimited entry passes for a year and this has been our inspiration for this week's home-working challenges. 

Click on this link to see Mrs Parker read 'The Beauty Contest at the Zoo' especially for you.


To win the competition, children need to draw a picture with a message to their brilliant animal keepers. Their drawing could be a thank you message to their keepers or a message written to their favourite animal at the West Midlands Safari Park. Please click on this link for more information of where to send your child's picture to. Whilst we cannot be the ones sending your child's pictures to them, we would still love to see them so please email us with their masterpiece.

Here are 'Step-by-step guides' of how to draw certain animal to get them started. We hope you have fun doing these.

Step-by-step guide to draw a lion.

Step-by-step guide to draw a giraffe.

Step-by-step guide to draw an elephant.


Keeping fit is very important during this lockdown and we have found some fun animal workouts for you using the fabulous Andy's Wild Workouts from CBeebies. We hope you have fun taking part in them. Your child could even have a go at making up their own dance routine inspired by their favourite animal. 


Your child could also do a little bit of research to find out more about their favourite wild animal. This is actually what we were doing just before the lockdown started. They will need your help to navigate the internet safely to find out some interesting facts. For example, they could find out what kind of family their animal belongs to. Is it a mammal, a reptile, an amphibian, a fish or a bird? They could also research where they live as well as if they have a super-power. For example, can they see in the dark? Are they the tallest mammal on Earth? Or the fastest? Finally, what do they eat? Are they carnivores (eat meat), herbivores (eat plants and grass) or omnivores (eat everything)?

National Geographics Kids is a great place to get you started.


Our final challenge is to make your own stop-motion film inspired by animals. These short films are amazing to create and can give you hours of fun. There are many apps which can be downloaded for free on tablets or phones. Here is a link to give you some pointers of how to create your own film.

Please, please, please, email us any work you do so we can keep in touch and see all your fantastic creations. Have a fabulous week.

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