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Welcome to Year 5's Home Learning Page! 

Week Beginning 13.07.20

Hello there Year 5 (for the last time!)

This is it! Your last week of home learning and the last week of term before the summer holidays and your last year of primary school begins! I have tried to make the foundation subjects as fun as possible in typical end of year style. There is just one last push before you can relax and enjoy family time and free time for 6 weeks. 

Children, it has been fabulous having you in my class (albeit for a very small amount of time in reality). You are all wonderful and have all done both me and yourselves very proud. I hope you are all looking forward to the summer holidays and that you come and say hi in September and let me know how your summer went. 

Parents and carers, I want to thank you so much for your continued support with the home learning. I hope you all have a well-deserved 6 weeks off before the children return to us in September. 

Have a fantastic holiday, stay safe and thank you for a strange but wonderful year,

Miss Bingley


Monday: Try this Murder Mystery activity. Can you crack the code? Answers. 

Tuesday: Maths Escape Room. Have you got the maths knowledge to crack the code and escape the room? Recording sheet. Clue sheet. Answers. 

Wednesday: Emoji maths code breaking problems. Use the emojis to work out the answers. 1 star sheets are the easiest and 3 star is the trickiest! 

Thursday: English Escape Room. Have you got the SPaG knowledge to crack the code and escape the room? Recording sheet. Clue sheet. Answers. 

Friday: Well, we would usually finish at 1pm at the end of the year, so enjoy this afternoon off! :) 



Week Beginning 06.07.20

Hello again,

I hope you have all had a lovely week and are ready for your penultimate week of home learning. This means there are only 2 weeks left until the summer holidays. I know the build up and excitement for the summer is lacking a little this year but you will have 6 lovely weeks off doing things with family before the next school year starts and you are all back in September. 


Please do keep in touch, 

Miss Bingley 

Foundation Subjects: 

Monday: Art: Take a look at the link and have a go at designing and drawing your own products and inventions.

Tuesday: Writing challenge: Watch the following short film. Then take a look at Mrs Considine's online English class and try to include her sentence challenges in your writing. 

Wednesday: Maths: Have a go at this incredibly fun maths mystery game. We have done things like this before in class and it is always great fun. 


Thursday: Transition: Have a go at filling in the All About Me document as best you can. This will help you reflect on how you are feeling about going into Year 6. If you have any worries or questions, just send me an email. 

Friday: Art: I want you to draw me a picture of your favourite memory from Year 5. I know we only had 7 months in Year 5 together, but I would like to see what you have enjoyed and remembered the most. 



Week Beginning 29.06.20

Hi there Year 5! 

I hope you are all doing well and have been enjoying the lovely weather we have been lucky enough to have the last week or so. I imagine it has been difficult to get motivated to do your home learning on these days so well done to those of you who have persevered and got it done! I am very proud of those of you who are still giving this home learning your best go! 

Mrs Wilding will be in touch again next week to see how you are all doing and she let's me know about all of your conversations :) 

Have a lovely week,

Miss Bingley

Foundation Subjects:

Monday: Click here to learn all about my favourite holiday destination, Florida! If you want, you could do a comparison with the Lake District, which you learned about last week. I would use a Venn diagram to compare and find similarities. 

Tuesday: In my Year 6 bubble this week, we have been watching a short film and then creating a 9 sentence chunk of the story using some sentence challenges as modelled by a teacher called Mrs Considine. Click here for our favourite film of the week and here for Mrs Considine modelling your challenge. You only need to write 9 sentences and retell a small part of the story!

Wednesday: Today I would like you to draw me or paint me a picture of what you got up to last week during the lovely summer weather. Did you go in the paddling pool? Have a BBQ? Play outside? Show me using your art skills what you got up to. 

Thursday: Watch this PowerPoint about David Attenburgh and what he does. He creates animal documentaries. Have a go at researching your own animal and writing a documentary piece on it. Then try and present it to an audience of your family as if you are on the TV. 

Friday: It is nearly the end of term and nearly the end of your time in Year 5! Even though you only spent half the year in my Year 5 class, I still want to help you prepare for Year 6 and reflect on your year. Have a go at filling in this Passport to Year 6. 



Week Beginning 22.06.20


Hello Year 5,

I hope you are all safe and well at home and are continuing to try hard with your online learning. Most of you spoke to Mrs Wilding this week and she told me she had some lovely conversations with you and enjoyed catching up with you very much. This is great to hear!

Below are your Foundation lessons for the week. Please send me anything you have done at home as I am always pleased to see your fantastic work.

Take care,

Miss Bingley


Foundation subjects:

Monday: Geography: Use this link to learn all about the Lake District. As some of you know, I grew up there and my family still live there. I am hoping to go and see them in the summer holidays if we are allowed! It is a lovely place and I hope you enjoy learning about it. You might want to do a drawing or painting of the Lakes, I would love to see these! 

Tuesday: Science: Use this link to learn all about the circulatory system in our bodies. This is a Year 6 science topic so it will be good practice for next year! 

Wednesday: Art: Look at this PowerPoint about a North American artist. Then have a go at completing the other half of some of his most famous creations. If you do not have access to a printer, you could use half a picture from a newspaper or magazine!

Thursday: The Environment: Have a look at this PowerPoint on Endangered Species as it may help you with your research task. Some of the endangered animals may surprise you! There is an answer sheet for adults too. 

Friday: RE: Hinduism. Take a look at the PowerPoint about the Hindu tradition of Mandala. Then have a go at creating your own design using this template. 





Week Beginning 15.06.20

Hello everyone,

Welcome to another week of online learning! You are doing so well with it and I am seeing some lovely work submissions, which do make me feel very proud of you. I have tried to adapt my home-learning provision to what you tell me works best on my fortnightly phone calls. Again this week, I have included 2 options for English and maths and have accommodated your interests in the Foundation subjects.

I hope you enjoy the activities, please do let me know how you get on. 

Take care,

Miss Bingley

Foundation subjects:

Monday: Geography: Learn all about the Alps.

Tuesday: Science: Learn all about human and animal life cycles. 

Wednesday: History: Learn all about crime and punishment and how it has changed through the ages. Use this PowerPoint and these 2 work sheets. Sheet 1. Sheet 2.

Thursday: Art: Pencil drawing skills and an art warm up. You may want to complete this before you have a go at one of the art videos from the previous weeks. 

Friday: Art: Learn how to draw a face using this step-by-step guide. 



Week beginning 08.06.20


Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well and are staying safe at home. I have uploaded more work for you this week and given you options for English and maths as I know some of you are struggling with the motivation to complete the Oak National Academy. These lessons are great and focus on what we would be doing in school, so where possible, doing these lessons would be beneficial. However, the other resources I have found you are also of great benefit. 

I look forward to seeing more of your work submissions this week and I hope you enjoy what you are learning. 

Take care, and stay in touch,

Miss Bingley

Foundation lessons for the week:


Monday: STEM activities. Choose at least 1 of these STEM activities to complete.

Tuesday: Art. Use a tutorial video of choice to create a folding surprise piece of art work. 

Wednesday: Complete this lockdown booklet either on paper or on the computer.

Thursday: Complete this letter to your future self. Lockdown has been a great chance to reflect. 

Friday: If you have access to a dictionary at home complete this spelling challenge. See the answers here. If not, have a go at these crosswords using the Yr5/6 spellings (You can find the Y5/6spelling list on the English page). Crossword 1. Crossword 2. 


Week Beginning 01.06.20

New 05.06: Space Events!

I know that before we finished school, the children began learning about space and were so excited by it. I found this schedule for some exciting things that can be seen over the next few weeks. Obviously, it will depend on children's bed times and cloud cover that night but thought I would share it for those children interested :) 
















Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a lovely week off from your home learning and are ready to face the challenges again once more this week. You are all doing really well and we are all very proud of the work you are putting in. 

I will be in touch again at some point this week so please keep an eye out for my calls (mid-week for most of you this time) so that I can speak to you all to see how it is going and how you are getting on. 

As always, if you have any problems or would like to submit work, please do not hesitate to email me.


Take care, enjoy the lovely weather and stay safe,


Miss Bingley 

Foundation lessons for the week- click the day of the week to access:

Monday: PSHE: Complete this sheet on how you spent your half term week. 

Tuesday: Science: After last week's exciting SpaceX launch of a manned rocket to the International Space Station, I want you to have a go at the fantastic Space Escape Room. You will need an adult to show you what to do. Use the clue cards to work out the code, once you have, use the Powerpoint to see if your answer was right! Have fun on your mission. See also: answer sheet & recording sheet.

Wednesday: Art: Use an artist study of Andy Warhol to create a selfie image in his style. 

Thursday: Geography: Complete this fact sheet on North America. Then do some research and completer a similar fact sheet of your own on South America. 

Friday: Science: Magnets. Investigate what is and is not magnet in your home!  

Week Beginning 25.05.20

Hi again everyone,

Happy half term! I know it may not come with the excitement of a usual half term and it has all felt a little strange because we can't do all the lovely things we had planned BUT from what I have heard from those of you I have spoken to, you are all working really hard so you deserve a break.

Therefore, I will not be setting any home learning over the next week. However, my email inbox is still open for submissions of any work you have already done or if you would just like to share what you have planned for the holidays. If you are interested in doing some art or baking for example I'd definitely love to see some of that via email. But there will be no school work set from me other than just to make sure you are still reading to an adult at least 3 times a week over half term (use Myon- it's great!) 

Have a lovely week off and I can't wait to see you all back at school eventually (when it is safe). 

Take care,

Miss Bingley :) 

Week Beginning 18.05.20

Hi everyone,

As usual, I have planned some activities for you to have a go at this week. I received some lovely photos of your work from last week, and I know those of you who took part in the lessons really enjoyed them- which was great to hear! Again this week we will be using the Oak National Academy for English and maths but your Foundation subjects come from lots of places to try and keep things new and exciting for you. 

I will be in touch this week by phone to see how everything is going and to answer any home learning queries :) 

Take care and speak to you all soon,

Miss Bingley


Click the days of the week for the Foundation subject resources:

Monday: History: Learn about the beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians. Which Gods did they believe in?

Tuesday: Science: Learn about how animals adapt to their environment.

Wednesday: Life skills: Last week I used a YouTube video to learn how to cut hair! I performed a hair cut on my partner and I didn't do too bad a job! Lockdown has been a chance for me to learn how to do new things. I am not telling you to learn how to cut hair though don't worry parents! Today I'd like you to learn how to do some household jobs that maybe you haven't tried before. With an adults supervision, could you learn how to cook something? Clean the bathroom? Change the bedding? Hoover? Load the dishwasher? Cut the grass? Ask your parents what could you learn to do and give it a go- I'd love to hear what jobs you have been doing round the house to help. These are vital life skills! 

Thursday: Art: L.S Lowry artist study and accompanying tasks on either painting, collage or print making. 

Friday: Art: Last week lots of you sent me photos of the Minions you drew and they were amazing! Use the playlist here to select an animal you would like to draw, watch the tutorial and then please send me them. There are 107 animals to choose from! :) 

Week Beginning 11.05.20

Click the days of the week for your resources (Wednesday and Friday click the underlined words as there is more than 1 resource). Your foundation subjects for this week are:

MondayScience: Space Challenge cards: Do as many or as few as you'd like (I think numbers 2 and 5 are the most interesting and fun!) 


Tuesday: Art: This week, someone posted this photo on my social media and I thought it was fantastic! The countries on the map are represented by the animals you can find there! Could you have a go at creating a map using the types of food eaten in those countries? Or the sports played in those countries? Or even have a go at copying the animals map? Any other ideas you have for this would be great! If you are struggling to do the whole world, could you just focus on the UK? 







Wednesday: Geography: North America. This term we were supposed to have moved onto our new topic of North and South America and I am so disappointed we haven't been able to do it together as I was really looking forward to learning all this with you HOWEVER, I will do my best to help you learn a little about it anyway! Watch the PowerPoint then have a go at the Worksheet on the US States. 

Thursday: Art: Draw a Minion. Watch the super easy tutorial video then have a go at drawing your own Minion.


Friday: PSHE: Watch the PowerPoint on our school rule Respect then have a go at the Worksheet. 


Week Beginning 04.05.20

This week your foundation subject lessons are as follows, click the day of the week to access the lesson: 

Monday: Geography - Introduction to Settlements. Read the information and watch the videos. Then design your own settlement and create a leaflet to advertise it. Make your settlement appeal to a homeowner who might want to buy a house there. 

Tuesday: History - Guy Fawkes. Read the information and watch the videos. Can you research a famous person who did something that has had an impact on our traditions and the way we live today? Make a poster to inform me about what they did and who they were (E.g. Florence Nightingale, Emmeline Pankhurst, William Shakespeare)


Wednesday: DT - Cooking. Before we finished school, in Science, we looked at reversible and irreversible changes. Watch the video about chemical changes. Now I want you to cook! Cook or bake something, take me a photo then see if you can describe any of the reactions/changes you saw take place. Then enjoy your snack! :) 


Thursday:  Science - What is buoyancy? Do an investigation into floating and sinking. Fill your sink or bath and choose some items you think will float or sink. Draw up a table and remember to predict first and fill in your table with your predictions. Then do the experiment and record your findings. Were you right? What do you think impacts whether something floats or sinks? 

Friday:  Music - How does music make you feel? Music can make you feel happy and sad. Make a list of songs that you think are happy songs and then a list of songs that you think are sad songs. Then try to spot what it is about those songs that causes those feelings. 

Week Beginning 27.04.20


This week your foundation subject lessons are as follows, click the day of the week to access the lesson: 


Monday: Art- Perspective drawing. Could you draw what you can see out of your bedroom window?

Tuesday: Science- Space (We started our Space topic in school, here is some of what you would have been learning!)

Wednesday: History- We nearly finished our Cleopatra topic, now learn about what her world was like!

Thursday: PSHE- Watch the healthy living video. Can you make a food diary for a week and label which of the food groups your food comes from? (Look up the food groups by Googling 'Eatwell Plate').

Friday: Music- Read about music composition. Have a go at making some music! Either use instruments you have OR use available materials...a pot and spoon make a great drum! Could you perform your song to an audience? Could you include your siblings in making your song? 

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